Should everyone be allowed to own a pet? Rich or Poor?

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I think any pet has a better life adopted into a loving home than they do at a shelter.

While there is pet insurance (which I only wish I would have gotten), there are a lot of options for assistance. Free spay/neuter clinics, low-cost vaccination events, etc..and If you should need to take your pet to a pet hospital…they often have “angel funds” and resources to help animals for those who can’t afford it (ask). They have payment plans, etc…as well. The big veterinary hospitals (Tufts, etc..) often have far better programs to help those who need it.

Also, if you take in a trauma case to a big vet hospital, I don’t believe they’d ever deny you care (much like people and hospitals). I’ve seen strangers take dogs hit by a car to Tufts, who they didn’t hit and found by the road…and they take them right in.

So…While not everyone has the resources to give the *best* healthcare available, there are certainly ways to get solid healthcare for your pet and do the best you can.

There are people who struggle financially everywhere in America…but if we restricted pet ownership to the wealthy, what a shame that would be. So many dogs/cats would miss out on pretty amazing loving homes…


Julie Gurner, Owner of a great dog for 15 years, a fantastic cat of 10 & a puppy with cancer