Alone with myself, I mean my phone?

As I sat there by myself thinking/observing I realized very few people can stand sitting by themselves at a restaurant, a movie or... Have you ever? I mean have you ever sat at a restaurant and enjoyed a meal?

As I waited patiently for a server to come it occurred to me that over the years, not out of necessity, but because I could and frankly enjoyed time by myself. I have attended movies, fast food and dined at fancy restaurants by myself. As I looked around this particular restaurant many people were there, but so many were by themselves. I mean they were sitting with one another but they were not engaged. Ok, they were engaged, just not with each other. They had their phones and were texting others or actually talking on the phone to other people. 

There was another person in the restaurant dining alone, but he was so fidgety it was making even me uncomfortable. He finally took out his cell phone and started texting. Then it looked like he was playing a game on his phone. His sense of comfort was in his phone. His phone was the uninvited lunch date that seemed to show up to his surprise right on time. No longer the nervous fidgeting, no longer the sense of embarrassment like he couldn't get a date. He had company to dine with and all was right in his world.

So, go figure? Do our smart phones make us less communicative are they really the end all be all for / to us? Do they replace human companionship? In the old days it seemed easier to communicate, I mean if you had a question or needed to talk to someone one would just pick up the phone. NOW, people want to have text conversations. People!!! Why do you really want to spend fifteen minutes by having a text conversation when if they just dialed the person up you could have a conversation that lasted, Mmmmm about five minutes.

Instead of looking at being alone as a nightmare, maybe we should look at being by ourselves without the distraction of anyone or a phone as if we are taking ourselves out on a date? Treat ourselves the way we would like to be treated...? You know, pay attention to what we are feeling and thinking. You know, ponder without interruption what we really want out of life. Or how about we just start with thoughts of the day?

When I was growing up there was a song by a country singer named Mac Davis. It was a big hit "Stop and Smell The Roses" .  Maybe you have heard it before? Maybe people loved it because the lyrics really touched a chord; a note in our hearts? Something about "...counting your daily blessings everyday..." As a kid, I took it to mean everything that you have one should be thankful for. What are you thankful for? I'm thankful that I find time for myself and when I am alone with only my thoughts it is enough for me. You?

Go figure...? Technology is great and all, but the human touch, the art of being heard and speaking …really communicating! It’s like milk. It does a body (mind) good!