What is the BEST sandwhich recipe? We think we founnd it?

The best sandwich I have ever eaten was one I made myself. It was basically a tuna melt, and it wasn't amazingly original or anything. But it tasted so utterly fantastic, my mouth is watering just remembering it.

This recipe technically makes two sandwiches, simply because you only want half a tin of tuna in one sandwich. So either share with your luckiest friend or make it when you're really ravenous.

Step one is to drain a tin of flaked tuna and mix it with one or two chopped spring onions, a pinch each of salt and pepper, and a good spoonful of mayonnaise. The measurements aren't exact; mix it according to your taste. Don't over-mayo the tuna though, because there's going to be mayo on the bread too.

Step two is to toast some white bread. I suppose if you really want, you can use whole grain or something, but I really wouldn't recommend anything as pungent as rye or sourdough. Anyway, lightly toast two pieces, much lighter than regular toast. These two slices will be the base of each sandwich. Put a bit of mayo on each, then evenly spread half the tuna mixture on each.

Grate some cheddar cheese, and press a decent amount on top of the tuna. Then put the two tuna and cheddar bread slices in a dry frying pan (no oil or butter) over medium/low heat. Cover and let the cheese melt. Taking the lid off to check releases the heat trapped between the pan and the lid, stopping the cheese from melting while the bread continues to toast, so be careful with that. You don't want cold cheese and burnt toast.

Meanwhile, toast two more pieces of bread, regularly this time (not lightly). Then put some mayo on them and top with lovely slices of tomatoes (with the seeds and gunk removed) and lettuce. I think iceberg works well because it's crunchy. Don't use any shitty bitter stuff like mesclun mix. That's sandwich poison.

When the cheese is melted, slap your sandwiches together, cut them in half, and enjoy. :)

I can't seem to find a picture that accurately captures my sandwich, but it's basically this plus lettuce:)

By Shelly Stein