Henry Bergh

Our person of the month for June is Henry Bergh!

Mr. Henry Bergh founded the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in April, 1866, three days after the first effective legislation against animal cruelty in the United States was passed into law by the New York State Legislature. Bergh also prompted the formation, in 1874, of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Having witnessed far to many animals being treated inhumanely he could not stand by and do nothing while bearing witness to so many innocent animals dying and suffering in pain.

Mr. Bergh was truly an American Hero and left an indelible mark on those that tried or try to inflict cruelty on animal and children.

Friend of Simply Pets Magazine Mr. Gary Kaskel isa wonderful writer and filmmaker who has who has served as an executive at United Action for Animals and The Humane Society of the United States.  We are honored to have Mr. Kaskel share the title as our person of the monthwith Mr. Bergh. Kaskel's award-winning 2006 documentary, Animal People, chronicles the history of the humane movement in America. He grew up in Manhattan and now resides in Los Angeles.

Mr. Kaskel did a delightful interview for the Simply Pets Radio Show that will air later on this month. www.simplypetsradio.com for more info on the airing of the show.

Mr. Kaskel's the one who brought Mr. Bergh's to our attention and shared all of the wonderful facts about this fantastic individual. PLEASE find Mr. Kaskel'sfabulous book on wonderful gentleman Mr. Bergh's and his life protecting and defending those with no voice pets and children.

THIS is why Mr. Bergh's is Simply Pets Magazine's FIRST PERSON OF THE MONTH andwhy we honor Mr. Gary Kaskel for writing such a wonderful book and sharing this great story with all of us.

Monsters & Miracles-Henry Bergh's America by Gary Kasel (A biographical novel)