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Lisa Smith Putnam (CEO/ Publisher ) wants to offer a special THANK YOU to the people who were there when no one else was...

Everyone is special to us, but these wonderful people just came on board when all we could give them were our words and creative ideas.

When one dreams, they dare to be like an eagle and soar over the highest clouds. Thank you for allowing us to take flight and for being the wind (the thermal) beneath or wings. (An eagle is able to soar higher than most birds because it uses its broad wings to ride and circle on thermals)

We were grateful then and not only do we continue to be grateful, but we are honored by your trust and humbled by your love and support!  THANK YOU!

(*names not listed in any particular order)

Tram L. Williams

Franki Storlie

Theresa Santa Oschmann

Jenelle Greninger

Susan M Lohr

Ashley Kindt

Rick P Thomas

Sarah Jones Weston

Dona Magno

Dina S Macs

Eric L Bain

Denise M Gruzensky

Kathryn R Yamamoto

Robin Setto

J A Putnam-Petrone

Josephine & Bill Rimpau

Jennifer Blackstone

Debra A Morin

Andrea M Lee Roundfield

Caryl Hamilton

Elizabeth Brambilla

Marie Shelto

Ms. Susan E Lyman Totti Tales LLC

Tayor Carr

Kristine Waters

Virdie Smith

Jason Irwin

Rosa Lundborg

Ernest Lansford

Deseriee Whitwer

William & Kim Guy

Diana Opong-Parry

Dave Lohr

Janet Straub

Char Sundust

Alan Rothblatt

Jeremy Cohen

Philip Garland

Tom Osinski

Marc Hamilton

Hazim Babic

Wendy Harris

Greg & Bette Bell