Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween is a time for fun and creativity! Include your pets by dressing them up in a costume this year! Why should pets miss out on all the fancy dress fun when there are so many great options for them? With that in mind, here are some dos and don’ts when dressing up your pet this Halloween.

Which Petkid  costume is your favorite? Let us know! Or send us a picture to post. Also, feel free to share a photo of your PetKid's costume as well!

If this photo doesn’t make you smile, then there’s something wrong with you. What can be better than dogs dressed up as fast food?

Here are a couple of great do's and dont's from our friends at FancyDress Blog!

DO Remove any parts that may be dangerous or uncomfortable

Clothes can be pretty restrictive, and your pet will respond to anything uncomfortable with a vengeance. If our clothes chafe, we whine about it for a while then shut up and suffer in the name of fashion. If an animal experiences the same discomfort, it will let you know about it, and probably attempt to destroy the costume. This is where accessories become a problem, because animals like to eat things – food, plastic, you name it. So it’s best to keep things basic if you want to avoid your dog either choking on something or attacking you for being a lousy owner!

DON'T Use tight or elasticated costumes

Your pet’s health and wellbeing should be a priority so avoid dressing it in anything too restrictive. Elastic in particular can be risky as it may cut off circulation and no Halloween party is important enough to warrant harming an animal. We love Halloween, but not that much. Make sure your pet’s costume fits comfortably and doesn’t restrict its movement at all.

AND DON'T Cover the eyes or mouth

Do you know a really good way to freak an animal out? Wipe out one of its senses. If a costume obscures your pet’s eyes or mouth, it will almost certainly get scared, and not in the fun Halloweeny way, but rather in a way that causes it to panic, hurt itself and possibly others. Ideally you should avoid covering its ears too, although this is not as vital. As long as it can see and breathe, it should be OK.

DO Be safe and have fun with your PetKid this Halloween! Remember SAFETY is the number one priority for having a great night!