It has been our pleasure to work and speak with so many young people throughout or travels. Our founder Lisa Smith Putnam thought it would be a wonderful idea to invite many of them to share their stories with us, and we agree!

You see, she doesn't think the color of ones skin, religion or economic status is a reason for our anything than celebrating our differences. She believes we all have a story to tell and if we also listen then the messages from the heart will speak loud and clear and we might just all realize that we do have much in common.

To put it simply, LOVE is the answer and life really is worth living. Many people seem to recognize this and our youth seem to understand this better than anyone else these days. We look forward to hearing about their journeys, their lifestyles and their dreams for this wonderful place we call earth, their fellow humans and but of course their PetKids!

If you have a young person that has a flair for stories and you think they would make a wonderful addition to this column, please have them reach out. You never know whose heart they might just touch...maybe even yours.